Program Overview
Musashino Japanese Studies Program 2024 Winter (Online)
Short term
Short term
2023/10/12 - 2023/11/19
MJSP (Musashino Japanese Studies Program), which has been well received every year since 2015, will be held online again for winter. The program aims to improve students' communication skills in Japanese, and in addition to the communication-focused class curriculum, there will be many exchange activities outside of class.
日本語レベルチェックテスト/Japanese level check test

1. 個人情報
3. 提出資料
4. 既往歴・現病歴
5. 言語能力

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1. Personal information
→Family in Japan
→Past entry into/ departure from Japan
3. Document
→Certificate of English proficiency
4. Medical History
5. Language Proficiency Level
→English Language Proficiency Level