Program Overview
2024 Summer MJSP (Musashino Japanese Studies Program)
Short term
Short term
2024/03/01 - 2024/05/31
MJSP is an exclusive program combining classroom study and experiential learning outside the classroom, to learn more about the Japanese culture and enhance communication skills in Japanese.
The program will also offer exciting opportunities to interact with Japanese students and local citizens, and experience Japanese traditional culture, such as yukata wearing, tea ceremony and handcrafting. Japanese language skills will improve through the method of a photo language technique in a classroom to convey those experiences. At the end of the program, every student will be able to make a rich presentation in Japanese.
Why don’t you enjoy things that can be experienced only at Musashino University?
Please share "URL for application (for student)" with the applicants only after the nomination is approved.

日本語レベルチェックテスト/Japanese level check test

4月1日〆切 ノミネーションシート送付
April 1:Deadline of Nomination sheet submission

4月21日〆切 オンライン登録
April 21:Deadline of online application